5 Speakers You Don’t Want to Miss at LibertyCon Europe 2020

With so much happening at LibertyCon this year, it can be hard to keep up. To help you plan your schedule, we’ve outlined five speakers who will be attending this year’s festivities who you don’t want to miss!

1. David Friedman

David D. Friedman is an academic economist, physicist, and political theorist. He has also been a law professor at Santa Clara University for the past 22 years. He is an accomplished writer.

In his most famous book, The Machinery of Freedom: Guide to a Radical Capitalism, published in 1973, he argues that private property and law enforcement can be achieved through private means, without any government interference. He discusses ideas such as polycentric law and stateless societies, offering a consequentialist defense of libertarianism.

In one of his more recent works, Future Imperfect: Technology and Freedom in an Uncertain World, he explores the potential implications of various technological revolutions that are likely to happen in the coming decades. His latest book, Legal Systems Very Different from Ours, covers various historical and contemporary legal systems that incorporate certain elements of private and decentralized law enforcement.

An avid fan of science-fiction and living history, he has also written two fantasy novels as well as a medieval and renaissance cookbook.

2. Chandran Kukathas

Professor Chandran Kukathas is a Malaysian-born Australian political theorist and author. He is Head of the Department of Government at the London School of Economics and also serves on the Academic Advisory Council of the Institute of Economic Affairs.

His research interests include both the history of liberal thought and contemporary liberal theory. He has published several books, including The Liberal Archipelago: A Theory of Diversity and Freedom (2003), where he advocates for freedom of movement, multiculturalism, and cosmopolitan interaction.

Professor Kukathas is also the author of Hayek and Modern Liberalism (1989), and co-authored Rawls: A Theory of Justice and Its Critics (1990), with Phillip Pettit, along with many academic papers.

3. Alba Cabañas

Alba Cabañas is an economist with a particular interest in environmental policy and sustainability. She holds an MSc in Environmental Studies and currently serves as a Senior Advisor on Sustainability Strategies at various institutions, including the IESE Business School and the Advisory Council for Sustainable Development of Catalonia (CADS).

In 2019, she took on the role of Sustainability Strategy Director at the Laboratorio de Ecoinnovación in Barcelona, having previously served as Technical Area Director for the Catalan Employers’ Confederation (Foment del Treball) and as vice-president of the Commission of Sustainable Development and Environment at the Spanish Confederation of Employers' Organizations (CEOE).

Alba Cabañas works to promote the environmental transformation of Catalan industry and advocates for a circular economy, whereby waste can be eliminated through a continuous reuse of resources.

4. Nils Karlson

Nils Karlson, a Swedish economist and political scientist, is the CEO and founding president of the Ratio Research Institute in Stockholm. He is a professor of Political Science at Linköping University.

Karlson has led many research projects, published over 25 books, and worked as a government advisor. He is also a board member of the Mont Pelerin Society. In 2018, he published Statecraft and Liberal Reform in Advanced Democracies.

His main area of research concerns the links between politics, markets, and civil society in western democracies and welfare states. He is currently working on a project concerning the future of the European Union.

5. Juan Ramón Rallo

Juan Ramón Rallo is among Spain’s most prominent libertarian figures and is an advocate of the Austrian School of Economics. He is a co-director of the Master’s Degree in Economics course at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín, as well as the Master’s Degree in Economics at the Center for Advanced Online Studies of Madrid Manuel Ayau (OMMA).

A former executive director of a major Spanish libertarian think tank, the Instituto Juan de Mariana, Dr. Rallo is also a professor of macroeconomics for IE University. He holds a PhD in economics from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid, as well as a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Valencia.

He has published several best-selling books on economics, including, among others, Una revolución liberal para España (A liberal revolution for Spain), Una crisis y cinco errores (A Crisis and Five Mistakes), and Contra la Teoría Monetaria Moderna (Against the Modern Monetary Theory).

To hear from these speakers as well as many others, you can register for LibertyCon Europe, happening on March 6-8 at the Centro de Conferencias Pablo VI, in Madrid, Spain.
See you in Madrid!