LibertyCon: An Opportunity to Grow Your Network

European Students For Liberty’s annual LibertyCon will be held in Madrid, Spain, on March 6-8, 2020. This conference, the most significant event of the year for ESFL, provides an excellent networking opportunity for students and alumni alike. Here are just a few highlights of the potential benefits from networking at LibertyCon:

Build lasting connections

LibertyCon provides an excellent opportunity for meeting and getting to interact with hundreds of broadly like minded people from all over the world. Many of these are people you would probably never otherwise encounter in person. Some may be people you have already had some contact with online. Nothing strengthens these connections as much as meeting face to face.

It is near guaranteed that those with an interest in the ideas of liberty will find they have much in common with other attendees at LibertyCon. At past editions of the conference, many participants created lasting friendships at LibertyCon, where they have subsequently been able to stay in touch through social media and arrange to meet again at future events, further solidifying these connections.

Learning opportunities

One of the main purposes of LibertyCon is to promote learning. While more formal learning takes place during the scheduled talks and sessions, much informal learning also occurs through networking. Sharing ideas and opinions, debating together, and brainstorming ideas to better promote liberty can improve clarity of thought and allow participants to gain new perspectives.

Guest speakers at LibertyCon are very approachable and willing to answer questions. This provides an excellent opportunity to engage with some of the key thinkers across different fields of work and various pro-liberty schools of thought.

It is also possible that those seeking advice and support regarding future career or study pathways may obtain valuable guidance.

Professional development

Connections can be made with people studying or working in similar fields, making it easier to find people for potential collaboration on future projects. This can help advance career opportunities or promote paths for further studies. Some people attending may even make contacts who will ask them to speak at other events.

In the past, the sharing of ideas between attendees at SFL conferences has led to collaboration in the development of new think tanks. Anything is possible!

Great energy

LibertyCon is always buzzing with positive energy! Sharing ideas, brainstorming, and collaborating with like-minded people can create an amazing level of energy and inspiration. This can produce innovation, fresh perspectives, and renewed motivation.

Build confidence

Attending LibertyCon provides a unique experience which can make a huge impact on building personal confidence. It is advised to choose your preferred sessions in advance, and to aim to make the most of all the breaks for introducing yourself to other attendees. Take advantage of the evening social gatherings and entertainment. This personal touch will be helpful for future social media contact. Look out for online friends you have not met in person yet and say hello.

Being prepared also means bringing plenty of business cards with you. Manage your time wisely and remember to follow up with contacts afterwards to establish connections.

Have fun!

Most important of all is to have fun! Enjoy all the food, drink, new friends and entertainment.

We hope to see you at LibertyCon, in Madrid on March 6-8, 2020! You can click here to book your tickets.