Juan Ramón Rallo

He is one of the most important figures in libertarianism and the Austrian School of Economics in Spain. He is an economist, writer, professor, and media personality. He has a bachelor’s degree in law and economics from Universidad de Valencia and a doctorate and master’s degree in economics from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid. 

He is currently a professor and co-director of the master’s degree program in economics at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín and the master’s degree program in economics at the Center for Advanced Online Studies of Madrid Manuel Ayau (OMMA).

He is also a professor of economics at IE University, and the former executive director of Instituto Juan de Mariana, Spain’s most important libertarian think tank. 

Juan Ramón collaborates as an economist for various highly prestigious Spanish media platforms with large audiences. He has also authored up to 14 books, some of which are best-sellers.