JuanMa López Zafra

He is an undergraduate in Economics and Business, actuary and PhD in Economics at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, where he currently teaches Statistics and Operative Research. He is also professor for graduates and postgraduates, Co-chief Data Officer and co director of the Data Science Master Degree at CUNEF. He has supervised and directed 4 doctoral thesis. 

As a writer, he is the author of ‘Retorno al patrón oro. Por qué la historia y la actualidad lo avalan como solución definitiva a la crisis’, published by Deusto in 2014, and more recently co-author of ‘Alquimia. Cómo los datos se están transformando en oro’, also published by Deusto in 2019. Finally, he is one of the founders of Statpro 2000 Clima S.L., a data science and big data consultant.