How to get to Belgrade
By plane
Nikola Tesla Airport is located 18km west of the Belgrade city center and is connected to around 45 destinations worldwide. There are three different options of traveling from the airport to the city:

Taxi: it is always best to order taxi by phone to avoid scams. There are many taxi companies but we suggest using Naxis Taxi as you can pay with card in every vehicle. Taxi fare from the airport to the city center should be around 1800rsd (15EUR). The pick up point at the airport is located 20 meters from the bus station at ground level, near the Nikola Tesla statue. Make sure to call the cab or order it on Viber/Twitter @NAXIStaxi; Nikola Tesla Airport has a very good wifi connection so ordering a taxi online should not be a problem; Also there are cheap pre-paid mobile cards that you can use for internet data while in Serbia;

A1 minibus: operates between the airport and Slavija square in the city center, with a few stops in New Belgrade and the main Railway and Bus station. The ticket costs 300rsd (2,5 EUR) and can only be paid in cash (in Serbian dinars) and on board the vehicle. The ride takes approximately 35 minutes to the last stop. You can find the timetable and route map here. The minibus picks up passengers on the bus stop in front of Arrivals, and also at the bus stop on ground level.

Bus 72: public transportation line which goes from the airport to Zeleni venac station in the city center. The ride takes about 50 minutes, but can be prolonged in case of traffic jams. If you don’t own a public transportation ticket, the ticket inside the bus costs 150rsd (1EUR) and can only be paid in cash. The bus stop is located just in front of the airport building, on ground level.

Other options for transportation by plane include flying to nearby low-cost hubs in Budapest (Hungary), Timisoara (Romania), and Niš (Serbia). You have the option of a door-to-door transportation by a minivan, arranged to your time of arrival, from all of these destinations.

The trip from Budapest takes around 5 hours and costs 50eur return/25eur one way, from Timisoara around 3 hours and 20eur return/10eur one way, and from Niš around 3 hours and 3000rsd return/1500rsd one way (27/12EUR). You can make travel arrangements a few days in advance, and find all the necessary info here. The minivan transportation to Belgrade is also possible from the majority of bigger cities in the Balkans region.

Belgrade and Niš, as the only two Serbian cities with airports, are hosts to a number of different low cost companies. To Belgrade airport, you can fly with:

- Wizz Air: from Basel, Paris, Larnaca, Dortmund, Friedrichshafen, Hannover, Karlsruhe, Memmingen, Nuremberg, Malta, Eindhoven, Malmo, Stockholm, Gothenburg and London
- Easyjet: from Geneva
- Pegasus: from Istanbul
- Aegean: from Athens
- FlyDubai: from Dubai
- Transavia: from Amsterdam
- Norwegian Air Shuttle: from Oslo and Stockholm 

To Niš, a town in the south of Serbia, you can fly cheaply with:

- Germania: from Zurich
- Wizz Air: from Basel, Dortmund, Memmingen, Eindhoven and Malmo
- Ryan Air: from Berlin, Dusseldorf, Milan, Bratislava and Stockholm
By bus
Belgrade bus station is located in the city center and serves as the most used type of transportation to different parts of Serbia. However, international lines are not as frequent and are mostly regional. The website with the timetable is unfortunately offered only in Serbian. While in Belgrade, it is best to buy tickets at the station. Double Click to Edit
By train
The main railway station is located at the city center, right next to the Belgrade bus station. You can look up the prices and timelines of international lines here.
By car
If you prefer driving, you can come to Belgrade by car. The two main international roads that go through Belgrade are the E-70 and the E-75. Foreign drivers in Serbia need to have a valid international driving licence and an international insurance, which can also be bought at the border.

It is also important to mention that citizens from certain countries are required to have a visa to enter Serbia. You can easily check this with the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you do require one, please get in touch with the Serbian Embassy or Consular Office in your own country and apply for an entry visa.
Transportation around the city
For transportation around the city we recommend using Car:go app - a local ridesharing service which is considerably cheaper than taxis and really easy to use. If you use taxi services, and especially during night time, it is always a good idea to order your ride via phone or any other available service.

Public transportation consists of buses, trolleys and trams, and tickets can be bought at almost every newsstand around the city. You can find more details about the ticket types and prices here. It is important to note that the night buses use a different ticketing system, where you buy the tickets inside the bus for 150rsd (1,2 EUR) each. For a full list of the current Belgrade public transport routes and timetables visit this link.