Comedian and internet personality

Bananas oh-nah-nah! 😎


Should they be grown in East Atlanta? πŸ€” Or should we perhaps let free trade and the global markets decide, rather than protectionist central planners? 😊


Remy Munasifi covers that and much more in his legendary music videos for Reason TV, delving into a wide range of topics dear to liberals and libertarians, and critiques of large injustices as well as minor inconveniences government regulation causes.


He is a frequent contributor to Reason TV, and in addition to his online video presence, Munasifi starred in the television series “Brown Nation,” and released “The Falafel Album” on Comedy Central Records.Β 


✈️ So book your flights, get on a plane, and come see Remy in Lisbon! Don’t forget to take off your shoes! πŸ™