LibertyCon is the major
European gathering of
open-minded students


LibertyCon is the major European
gathering of open-minded students




LibertyCon is the major European
gathering of open-minded students


Join 1000+ students - register now for Libertycon!

Early bird registrations ($10) are available until December 1st. Registration includes meals for three days, socials with free drinks and a certificate.

Join 1000+ students - register now for Libertycon!

Early bird registrations ($10) are available until December 1st. Registration includes meals for three days, socials with free drinks and a certificate.


Immersive experience

LibertyCon is an international conference. It's the perfect place to meet pro-liberty students and young professionals from all over the world.

The biggest event of its kind in Europe.


Why LibertyCon?

A ticket to LibertyCon gets you access to an exclusive three-day package.



World-class speakers, lectures, workshops, roundtables and discussions.



And meet-ups with more than 900 students and partner organisations from all around the world.



With two parties, concerts, DJs and even a shooting range.

Our 2018 Theme: #ExpressYourself

Freedom of Expression

The conference theme this year is #ExpressYourself, tackling the area of Freedom of Expression in various aspects including speech, press, art, technology and more. Our idea is to present the most successful, interesting and impressionable ideas, speakers and visions of a freer society.

Meet The Speakers

Only the best make it on stage

David Friedman

David Friedman is an academic economist with a doctorate in physics who has spent the
past twenty-two years teaching in a law school. His first book, The Machinery of
Freedom: Guide to a Radical Capitalism, was published in 1973 and includes a
description of how a society with property rights and without government might function.
There as elsewhere, he offers a consequentialist defense of libertarianism.

His most recent non-fiction book, Future Imperfect: Technology and Freedom in an
Uncertain World, examines the implications of a variety of technological revolutions
that might happen over the next few decades. His current book project, not yet published,
is Legal Systems Very Different from Ours, covering systems from Periclean Athens
through modern Amish and Romany. He is also the author of two novels, one
commercially published and one self-published, and, with his wife, a self-published
medieval and renaissance cookbook and a larger self-published book related to their
hobby of historical recreation.

Much of his published work, including journal articles, essays, drafts of forthcoming
work and the full text of several books, can be read on his web page:
www.daviddfriedman.com. He comments on a wide range of issues on his blog, Ideas, at

Deirdre McCloskey

Deirdre McCloskey from 2000 to 2015 taught economics, history, English, and communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago, being a “distinguished” professor in economics and history.  She was educated at Harvard and taught for a dozen years in Economics and then also in History at the University of Chicago, tenured, and nineteen years at the University of Iowa.  She has held visiting positions in England, the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, and Australia.  Author of seventeen books and editor of eight others, and over four hundred scholarly articles, she is well known internationally in economics, economic history, rhetorical theory, philosophy of science, gender studies, and various other fields.  She describes herself now as a "postmodern free-market quantitative Episcopalian feminist Aristotelian." Her latest books are Bourgeois Equality: How Ideas, Not Capital or Institutions, Enriched the World (the third of a trilogy, The Bourgeois Era; University of Chicago Press 2016); Bourgeois Dignity: Why Economics Can’t Explain the Modern World (the second 2010); The Cult of Statistical Significance: How the Standard Error Costs Us Jobs, Justice, and Lives [with Stephen Ziliak; University of Michigan Press, 2008; bearing fruit in 2016 in a declared policy of the American Statistical Association against mechanical tests of “significance”], and The Bourgeois Virtues: Ethics for an Age of Capitalism (the first 2006).  Before “The Bourgeois Era” trilogy her best-known books were The Rhetoric of Economics (University of Wisconsin Press 1st ed. 1985; 2nd ed. 1998) and Crossing: A Memoir (Chicago 1999), which was a New York Times Notable Book.

Jamie Bartlett

Jamie Bartlett is a writer and, journalist, and the Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at the think tank Demos. He writes about technology, society, politics, research methods and internet culture. He is the author of the best selling book The Dark Net which was nominated for the Debut Political Book of the Year, the Transmission Prize and the Orwell Prize.

Lecture topic: The Dark Net

Alexander McCobin

Alexander is CEO of Conscious Capitalism, Inc., a US-based organization dedicated to elevating humanity by improving the practice and perception of business. Alexander became CEO of Conscious Capitalism in July, 2017, after serving 15 months as co-CEO alongside Doug Rauch. Alexander joined Conscious Capitalism with experience in the nonprofit, for-profit, and academic fields.

Most recently before joining Conscious Capitalism, Alexander served as co-founder and president of Students For Liberty, a nonprofit organization that teaches the principles of a free society to young people and empowers them to make a difference in their communities; in Alexander’s last year as president, Students For Liberty was operating in over 100 countries, included nearly 2,000 student groups, organized 100 conferences for 20,000 participants, and trained over 1,500 volunteer leaders.

Alexander graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2008 with a BA in philosophy and economics and a MA in philosophy. He began a PhD program in philosophy at Georgetown University with the intention of becoming a professor, but ended with a Master’s degree when it became apparent that his principal interests lay outside the Ivory Tower. During undergraduate and graduate schools, Alexander simultaneously started and assisted in starting several other businesses in both the for profit and nonprofit realms ranging from introducing high school debate programs to underserved youth in Philadelphia to providing low-cost travel planning to businesses.

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Our Venue: The Grand Concert Hall Kolarac

This year, we are expecting more than 1000 students to gather at Kolarac Concert Hall, one of the most prestigious and well renowned cultural center located right at the heart of the Serbia's capital which serves as an academic and cultural center of Belgrade for decades and represents a perfect combination of culture and history it has, with the modern spirit of fresh ideas and contemporary Belgrade.

Belgrade: One of the Most Happening Cities in Europe

Outspoken, adventurous, proud and audacious. In Belgrade, every night is Friday night. It's where the Sava River meets the Danube, contemplative parkland nudges hectic urban sprawl, and old-world culture gives away to new-world nightlife.