April 2024  I Tbilisi, Georgia

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LibertyCon is the largest pro-liberty event in Europe with the goal of gathering and educating the liberty movement on the most important issues threatening liberty.

LibertyCon Europe will be held in April 2024 in Tblisi, Georgia.

The event will bring together 700+ attendees and 30+
pro-liberty organizations from all around the world. 

The event will aim to create strong connections between speakers, attendees, and like-minded organizations, resulting in a stronger pro-liberty movement with shared values and missions.

The event will aim to create strong connections between speakers, attendees, and like-minded organizations, resulting in a stronger pro-liberty movement with shared values and missions.

Past Speakers

Raphaël Lima

Founder of Ideias Radicais and Instituto Livre Mercado

Carlos Guimarães Pinto

Portuguese economist and politician

David D. Friedman

Academic economist

Paulo Portas

Portuguese media and political figure

Stephan Livera

Head of Education at Swan Bitcoin

Daniel Hannan

Author and columnist

Fred Antunes

CEO of RealFevr

Gloria Alvarez

Guatemalan Political Scientist

Tiago Mayan

Founder of Iniciativa Liberal


Comedian and internet personality

Mikhail Khodorkovsky


George Selgin

Director Emeritus of the Cato Institute's Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives

Bernardo Blanco


Tom G. Palmer

Executive Vice President for International Programs at the Atlas Network

Mark Littlewood

Director General of the Institute of Economic Affairs

Antonella Marty

CEO of Sociedad Atlas

Carlos Novais

President of the Libertarian Association

Craig Biddle

Executive Director of Objective Standard Institute

Alexander Sikorski

Senior Policy Advisor, Human Rights Foundation

Eline Chivot

Senior adviser on digital policy and economic affairs at the European People’s Party

Matt Kibbe

President at Free the People

Terry Kibbe

CEO at Free the People

Federico N. Fernández

CEO at We Are Innovation

Nikos Sotirakopoulos

Fellow at the Ayn Rand Institute

Hannes H. Gissurarson

Professor Emeritus of Political Philosophy at the University of Iceland

Rod Richardson

President of the Grace Richardson Fund

Casey Given

Executive Director of Young Voices

Lorenzo Montanari

Vice President of the international affairs at the Americans for Tax Reform and Tholos Foundation

Andreas Hellmann

Director of Outreach, Tax and Regulatory Policy at Tholos Foundation

Vera Kichanova

Policy Researcher at Zaha Hadid Architects

Anna Tymoshenko

CEO of Ukrainian Students for Freedom

Matthias Bauer

Director at the European Centre for International Political Economy

Felicita Medved

President of the Novum Institute

Milosz Hodun

Member of the Board of Directors of the European Liberal Forum

Viktorya Muradyan

Communication Officer for the European Liberal Forum

Benaya Cherlow

SFL Local Coordinator from Israel

Luís Graça

SFL Local Coordinator from Portugal

Amjad Aun

National Coordinator at SFL Germany


Disident and Political Artist from China

Danilo Silva

SFL Local Coordinator & Director of Operations at Settee

Ketevan Kartsydze

Local Coordinators at SFL Czech Republic

Tetiana Rak

SFL Local Coordinator from Ukraine

Irune Ariño

Maryan Zablotskiy

Ukrainian Member of Parliament

Robert Tyler

Pieter Cleppe

Editor-in-Chief of brusselsreport.eu

Oleksandra Romantsova

Executive Director of the Center for Civil Liberties

Martin Pánek

Director at Liberální institut

Kevin Flanagan

Training & Engagement Director at Students For Liberty

Ricardo Lima

Pericles Niarchos

Manager of Libertarianism.org at the Cato Institute

Hanna Liubakova

Belarusian journalist & Fellow at Atlantic Council

Jorge Miguel Teixeira

Policy Advisor at the Liberal Initiative party

José Paulo Miler

Octávio Rebelo da Costa

Pedro Schuller

Nathan Fatal

Adam Bartha

Director at EPICENTER

Martin Gundinger

Senior Research Fellow at the Austrian Economics Center

Angel Walker-Werth

Fellow at Objective Standard Institute

Thomas Walker-Werth

Fellow and editor at Objective Standard Institute

Elizabeth Hicks

US Affairs Analyst for Consumer Choice Center

Elizabeth Tsereteli

Programs Associate at European Students For Liberty

Stefan Aćimović

Director of European Programs at Students For Liberty

Aleksandar Kokotović

Crypto Fellow with Consumer Choice Center

Bill Wirtz

Senior Policy Analyst at the Consumer Choice Center

Eva Brás Pinho

Gonçalo Sousa

Jorge Jraissati

Alumni Director at Students For Liberty

Tim Vieira

Jan Mošovský

Programs Manager at European Students For Liberty

Wolf von Laer


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