frequently asked questions

Do I need to register in advance?

We encourage you to register in advance since spaces are limited, and early bird tickets are available for a limited time.

What are the requirements for attending the event?

The only requirement for attending the event is getting a ticket before.

I am not 18 yet. Can I attend the event?

Yes, of course!

Can non-students attend?
Yes! If you are still in school, or you are no longer a university student, we still encourage you to attend the event. LibertyCon Europe is a great place to connect with fellow liberty advocates and meet the next generation of liberty activists!
Does SFL provide travel scholarships for attendees?

Unfortunately, Students For Liberty is not able to provide travel support or book hotel rooms for attendees.

Can I get a refund on my ticket?

We do not provide refunds to attendees unless the event is canceled by organizers.

Is reselling a ticket allowed?

We won’t be able to accept resold tickets at the door. If you can’t attend the event anymore, contact us so we can provide you with access to next year’s edition.

Do I have to be a libertarian to attend?

Nope! Students For Liberty prides itself on taking a “big tent” approach to promote liberty. This means not only that pro-liberty people of all types and backgrounds are welcome to join in, but also that there’s no requirement to have prior knowledge of libertarian thought, economics, or any particular approach to liberty. We’re here to discuss ideas and work towards a freer future, which means being welcoming and open to all political perspectives. We’d love to have yours represented!

If you have any further questions, please contact Event Director, Tamar Tarsaidze at [email protected]