Aneta Vainė

Aneta Vainė

Vice President of the Lithuanian Free Market Institute

Aneta Vainė is Vice President of the Lithuanian Free Market Institute (LFMI), an independent non-profit think-tank established in 1990. Aneta oversees LFMI’s strategic programming, development, and international outreach.

Aneta has 20 years of experience leading impactful economic policy analysis and educational projects in Lithuania and internationally. She played a key role in LFMI’s winning the prestigious Templeton Freedom Award and London Book Fair Educational Excellence Award for LFMI‘s transformative school textbook Economics in 31 Hours. She has led the production of two interdisciplinary citizenship textbooks, I, Citizen and A Citizen In 31 Hours, which won 2023 European Innovative Teaching Award Under her leadership, LFMI’s textbooks have been adopted in Slovakia, Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Greece, and Uganda.

Aneta is co-editor of a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed research publication The Phenomenon of Scarcity: Being, Man and Society (2016) and a co-author of Government Against Scarcity: How it Changes Who We Are (2017).  

From 1999 until 2009 Aneta served as Lithuania‘s national rapporteur for Freedom House’s Nations In Transit index.

Aneta is a graduate of the Atlas Network’s Leadership Academy and a leadership and change management programme of Adizes Institute. She holds Master‘s degrees in Economics and English from Vilnius University and European Studies Certificate from Surrey University, UK.